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The Classic American Tattoo Style

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Traditional Tattoos are Still in High Demand

Despite the fact that the Traditional or Old School style appeared in the beginning of the 19th century, it has not lost its popularity to this day. Initially it spread across the territory of Europe and the US, but soon it also interested people of other countries.

Typical Traditional Tattoos

Distinctive Features of the Traditional Style

Traditional style tattoos can easily be distinguished from other styles, especially by their bright colors, and by a thick image contour. Excessive realism, dimensionality of the image or the correct form of the figure isn't very important for the traditional tattoo. Also there are no restrictions, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman.

Tattoos with History

What's the Meaning of the Traditional Style

Sailors and travelers, that's who really were the creators of the beautiful traditional tattoo style. We all know how severe and unpredictable was the life of sailor: long journeys, various weather conditions and storms. Each sailor believed that a tattoo in some way was capable of protecting them from physical injuries and other diseases.

Tattoos From Around the World

Traditional Tattoos for Men & Women

Traditional Style as a Mainstream

As traditional tattoos became a mainstream these days, the majority of people get them inked just for decorating their bodies. But originally, special attention has been paid to the hidden meaning of every image.

Tattoos by Johnny Domus

Tattoos by Johnny Domus

Johnny Domus Mesquita is a famous tattoo and graffiti artist from Portugal. Drawing since he can remember, he started to be one of the best graffiti artist in his country, and later a great tattoo master.

Amazing Old School Tattoos

Amazing Old School Tattoos

Samuele Briganti is one of the best tattoo masters who work in the traditional or the old school style. He owns a tattoo shop in Italy and has a truly amazing portfolio of traditional tattoo designs.

Marshall Perrin's Tattoos

Marshall Perrin, a famous Fireman

Marshall Perrin is a famous Canadian fireman and a tattoo model. He has his entire body covered with cool and fancy traditional style tattoos which definitely played a big role in him becoming a social media star.