17+ Santa Muerte Tattoo Ideas you’ll love to death

Santa Muerte Tattoo

The Santa Muerte tattoo is a portrait based on Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, or Santa Muerte for short.

Who is Santa Muerte?

A cult icon, deity, and folk saint in Mexican Neopaganism and folk Catholicism, Santa Muerte is the personification of death in Mexican culture. A shrine to Santa Muerte in Mexico City was built in 2001, which many travel to for prayer.

The Grim Reaper is the most popular personification of death. However, the saint known as “Our Lady of Holy Death” makes better company. Also known as “Saint Death” or “Holy Death”, Santa Muerte is associated with healing, protection, and safe journeys to the afterlife. While some people trust saints like Jesus Christ, others are just as comfortable with a holy skeleton saint praying for them.

Before getting inked, it’s important to consider Santa Muerte tattoo ideas, designs, and meanings.

What makes the Santa Muerte tattoo design stand out?

Black and Gray Santa Muerte Tattoo

The tattoo artwork commonly depicts a female skull and skeletal body in a robe. The saint often holds a globe, scales, and a scythe to demonstrate death’s dominance. Her links to Christianity and Aztec death-worship intrigue many.

This is a popular tattoo with many intricate images and designs. Tattoo artists can personalize Santa Muerte tattoos to the wearer’s purpose and meaning. If you want a Santa Muerte tattoo, choose a reputable artist. Tattoo parlors may have non-believers who will create a tattoo for you. Let’s further discuss Santa Muerte tattoos.

Santa Muerte tattoo meanings

A Santa Muerte tattoo may be a pact to gain supernatural death. She may carry wealth symbols like cash and gems, weapons to suggest her power to execute judgment, flowers for beauty, fruit for fertility, tools to imply control over life and death, and cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to represent client pleasures. Many Santa Muerte tattoos feature a strong female form that can represent the bearer or the strength projected on their patron saint. Air, earth, and water represent heaven’s layers. Aztecs associate saint death with transformation and spiritual growth.

Santa Muerte is often confused with Santeria, a religion brought from Africa by conquistadors.

Saint Death tattoo

Santa Muerte tattoo Sleeve

Loyalty to death is said to help worshippers endure hardships. They’re all connected to her holy death symbolism. This is a way to respect death and continue with life, knowing the saint of death is on their side. Tattoo wearers believe death protects them.

Santa Muerte cult tattoo

To ward off enemies and destructive forces, the cult worships the saint of death. Historically, criminals, drug dealers, and bandits wore the Santa Muerte tattoo, which was said to keep enemies and police away.

Santa Muerte Tattoo Locations

  • Arms are a good location for a Santa Muerte tattoo.
  • With upper arm Santa Muerte tattoos, no matter how the wearer is positioned, the tattoo will be visible.
  • The Death tattoo symbol tattoo is also popular on the upper back. This symbolizes that death is on the tattoo wearer’s side, protecting them.
  • Santa Muerte chest tattoos are popular. The wearer may get the tattoo on their left breast pocket (to show their devotion to Santa Muerte) or across their chest to show courage.
  • Although rare, some prefer a Santa Muerte leg tattoo. Wearers of this tattoo find that the tattoo can be easily hidden.

How much are Santa Muerte tattoos?

Tattoo complexity, the tattoo artist’s time, and tattoo size affect cost. Tattoos with detail are costly. You can expect to pay $400-$1000 for a Santa Muerte tattoo. Half to a full day is needed (based on your desired design and tattoo size).

It’s also possible to choose a temporary or permanent tattoo. Many people may want to try several designs. You can try your tattoo design online with Inkbox or Amazon. When a tattoo wearer is happy with their Santa Muerte tattoo artwork, they can show it to their favorite tattoo artist to create the permanent tattoo. Be sure of the tattoo design and artist’s skills. Tattoo removal can be painful and imperfect. Before getting a tattoo, make sure to do some research.

Final Thoughts

Santa Muerte tattoos are fashionable. Their popularity may be due to the La Santa Muerte cult. In the past, the tattoo protected lawbreakers. It’s now gaining popularity among social outcasts who feel close to the saint of death. Death doesn’t discriminate, and she treats everyone equally.

Santa Muerte Tattoo Ideas

Santa Muerte tattoo small
Santa Muerte Tattoo 30
Santa Muerte Tattoo Back
Santa Muerte tattoo traditional
Back of Arm santa muerte tattoo
Santa Muerte Tattoo
New School Santa Muerte Tattoo
Sante Muerte Tattoo Dark
Sante Muerte Tattoo
Santa Muerte Cross and Rose Tattoo
Best Santa Muerte tattoos
Santa Muerte Skull Tattoo
Santa Muerte tattoos For females
Santa Muerte Crown and Rose Tattoo
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