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What's so Trendy About Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoos

Realism Tattoos - So Real But so Difficult

On the one hand, tattoos created in the Realism style look truly gorgeous, but on the other hand, their designs are very complicated. Not every tattoo master can undertake such a job.

Photographic Face Tattoos

The Most Realistic Tattoo Style

A person with a realistic tattoo will always have an increased interest of people around him. This attention arises involuntarily. So if you want your personality to stand out, then a realism style tattoos will be an excellent option. Realism tattoos appeared in around the 19th century, and gained their incredible popularity.

Odd Realism Tattoos

Weird and Colorful Realism

Realism tattoo isn't only characterized by beautiful images of girls, flowers or faces. Some realism ideas can scare you, bring you into the fear or other various emotions. Not only portraits and realistic drawings come across in the realism style, but also there are incredibly beautiful landscapes or boundless space.

Everyone Has Their Own Realism

Realism Animal Tattoos

Realism Animal Tattoos

Since ancient times, animals have a long history of visual symbols. In fact, animal tattoos have always been trendy. Often, a single animal tattoo will represent a handful of meanings, depending on the time and culture.

Realism Tattoos by Dave Paulo

Realism Tattoos by Dave Paulo

Dave Paulo is a portuguese professional tattoo artist. He started creating realism style tattoos in the year of 2013, and now he specializes in portraits and photorealism. He definitely knows what he is doing.

Realism Tattoos by A.D. Pancho

Realism Tattoos by A.D. Pancho

A.D. Pancho is one of those rare and talented artists who have the ability to create high quality tattoos in pretty much any style of art. Pancho's favorite tattoo style is realism, and his tattoos are really awesome.

Realism by Charly Huurman

Huurman's Ultrarealistic Tattoos

What can be more realistic than realism? Charly Huurman has the answer. Charly is a very talented tattoo master from Cork, Ireland who is famous by his spectacular ultra-realistic portrait and surrealism tattoos.