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What is Neo-Traditional?

neo traditional tattoo

The World of Neo-Traditional

What does Neo-Traditional stand for? It is an ultimate combination of styles and traditions. Neo stands for reviving traditional methods and combining tradition with newer elements of style.

Neo-Traditional is Colors & Fun

Neo-Traditional is Colors & Fun

One would say that the Neo-Traditional tattoo style is relatively one of the new terms in the tattoo world. Also there are people who describe neo-traditional tattoo designs as a combination of old school and new school directions. When you look at a neo-traditional tattoo you can clearly see the roots of the good old traditional American style. Although neo-traditional tattoos look similar to traditional ones in some way, neo brings cool and lively designs jumping off the skin.

Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Meanwhile both the old school and the new school tattoos feature standard subjects like eagles, daggers, skulls, animals and plants, the tiger tattoo is becoming more and more popular in the neo-traditional art. Tiger is a big, powerfull and honored spirit animal and a totem. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. Tiger tattoos can be a form of your self-expression, your animal totem, or just a piece of art on your body.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Ideas & Artists

Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Great Neo-Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Check out our big collection of the Neo-Traditional tattoo design ideas and you will find a thousand more reasons to want your body to get inked more and more. We have great tattoo ideas for both men and women!

Tattoos by Lilian Raya

Tattoos by Lilian Raya

Lilian Raya makes amazing funny and colourful Neo-traditional gem and flower tattoo designs. She is a talented freelance tattoo artist and Illustrator located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Tattoos by David Cote

Psychedelic by David Cote

David Cote is a tattoo artist from Canada who makes neo-traditional & psychedelic tattoos. He composes extravagant psychedelic tattoos inspired by his space and cosmos-like dreams.

Tattoos by Stella Rius

Unique Tattoos by Stella Rius

Stella Rius creates trendy illustrative and neo-traditional tattoo designs from cartoon-ethnic motives that fully convey her elegant and creative style. She believes every tattoo should carry positive vibes.