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Minimalism tattoos

Minimalism - Tattoos to Start With

Minimalistic tattoos are becoming very trendy these days. The minimalism design is usually small and is made with black ink. Most likely it won't cover up much space on your body. So, if you think about having your first tattoo, than you probably should start with minimalism.

Tattoos on Arms

Minimalistic Tattoos on Arms

The most common part of the human body for having a minimalistic tattoo design inked on it is an arm. In fact, when considering about having a first tattoo ever, people usually think that their arms or wrists are the best start for transforming their entire body into a piece of tattoo art. It's handy. If you want to hide your tattoo, it may not be visible under the sleeve. And when you want to show off with it, it won't go unnoticed.

Spots for Minimalist Tattoos

Best Spots for Minimalist Tattoos

When it comes to minimalism, people often wonder where is the best place on their body for getting a minimalistic tattoo inked. The place, same as the minimalist tattoo itself, should be neat and also unobtrusive. No, It is not necessary to hide your gorgeous tattoo where no one will ever be able to see it. But, since your tattoo design is in a minimalistic style, it should definitely not look defiant.

Trendy Minimalistic Tattoos

Tattoos by Ahmet Cambaz

Tattoos by Ahmet Cambaz

Ahmet Cambaz specializes in minimalistic tattoos. He is a talented tattoo artist who creates art pieces inspired by illustration. His cute miniature tattoos often feature animals and use minimal amount of colours.

Tattoos by Jefree Naderali

Tattoos by Jefree Naderali

Jefree Naderali is one of the well known tattoo artists who create different kinds of tattoo designes, but he is mostly focused on making beautiful minimalist tattoos which intersect with realism style.

Tattoos by Eva Krbdk

Minimalist tattoos by Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk is a famous Turkish tattoo artist who is now located in New York City. She works in the Bang Bang NYC tattoo shop and specializes in illustrative miniature fine art.

Flower Minimalist Tattoos

Flower Minimalist Tattoos

Can't find a perfect flower minimalist tattoo design that suits you best? We have brought forward some floral minimalist tattoo ideas which you can make a choice from. Good luck!