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Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork Tattoo - It's Just a Magic

Isn't it cool when a few absolutely simple things come together in something truly grandiose? Then it's also very cool to watch large amounts of simple dots merging into a stunning piece of art!

Dotwork Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Dotwork

There are many different types of geometric tattoos, and most of them are created using the dotwork technology. The tattoo artist must be very patient and very talented if he chooses this tattooing technique, because all complicated geometric designs and images are created with nothing but dots. So, the artist has to place carefully every single dot in the right place. Dotwork is the only tattoo technique that lets you achieve a great olmost 3D shading effect.

The Dotwork Technique

The Dotwork Technique

Most of the time the dotwork technique is used for religious, spiritual and ornament tattoos. Dots are also usually done with black, grey, and sometimes with red ink. Red colour is mostly used on dotwork ornament tattoos, because red ink creates a beautiful contrast effect. Some dotwork artists abandon the tattoo machine and perform their tattoos hand poked. This method requires a lot of patience, but it's also the best technique for getting all the details right.

Dotwork Tattoo Trends

Dotwork Animals

Dotwork Animals Tattoos

Even though the dotwork tattoo style is usually done in collaboration with geometric, spiritual or mandala art, there are no reasons why it cannot be suitable for animal or decorative design that looks great with dot work.

Tattoos by Mr. K

Dotwork Tattoos by Mr. K

Mr. K is a famous tattoo artist from Korea, now located in NYC, who specializes in minimalistic, micro style and single needle tattoo designs. He became famous worldwide for his tiny and extremely detailed tattoos.

Tattoos by Violeta Arus

Dotwork Tattoos by Violeta Arus

There are not so many well known tattoo artists in the world who work in the dotwork tattoo style. Violeta Arus, a poetic tattoo artist from Spain is among the best of dotwork masters.

Sasha Tabuns Tattoo

Floral Tattos by Sasha Tabuns

Floral mandala tattoos, dotwork flowers, skulls with roses and other significant natural tattoo designs can be found in Sasha Tabuns's portfolio. He is a talented artist from Russia also known as Alex Tabuns.