21+ Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas for your inner Black Swordsman

Berserk Tattoo Ideas

Berserk is an Anime and Manga series written by Kentaro Miura. It is set in a medieval Europe-inspired fantasy world and tells the story of the characters Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary group called the Band of the Falcon.

The story follows the adventures of Guts as he travels through a dark medieval world filled with demons, monsters and magic. He fights for his life against these creatures as he searches for purpose in his life and a cure for an injury that has left one side of his face disfigured. Berserk is an epic story of the battle between good, evil, and free will. There are many memorable moments throughout Berserk but one stands out: when Griffith sacrificed himself so that everyone else could live happily ever after.

What is the Berserk Tattoo art style?

Berserk Tattoo artwork is a Japanese manga-influenced tattooing style that is characterized by dark and often gruesome images.

Berserk Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a tattoo idea to honor Berserk, there are plenty of great ones to choose from. You can opt for a simple design like Guts’ Sword – The Dragon Slayer or Behelit. But Berserk is a work of art, and everyone has their own favorite character from the series. You might want a tattoo of Incarnation Ritual, Demon Child, Apostle Transformation, or Stigma. If you’re looking for a unique and bold list of berserk tattoo ideas, these are the best we’ve come across.

Below, we have included a list of Berserk tattoo design ideas and inspiration for you!

The Black Swordsman

The Black Swordsman himself, Guts, is a great character for a tattoo idea. It’s a symbol of strength and courage, the struggle against evil and the fight for justice—all things that Guts has embodied throughout his journey. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of all the hardships he endured in order to get where he is today. The Black Swordsman will also remind you that your own journey isn’t over yet!

What does Guts symbolize?

In the Berserk series, Guts symbolizes strength, courage, and determination.

The Dragon Slayer Sword Tattoo

The Dragon Slayer is not just a sword, it’s a symbol of everything Guts has ever lost and everything he’d do to regain. The dragon slayer sword is the only thing he has left from his childhood, when he spent time with his father before being sold into slavery. It also symbolizes Guts’ determination to never be powerless again and his unwavering loyalty to Casca, who was subjected to similar horrors as him in her childhood. This blade is unique because it’s made out of an unknown element that hasn’t been seen since antiquity—something so strong it can pierce through stone or metal like butter. The Dragon Slayer sword’s ability to slice through anything makes it a fitting choice for any Berserk fan looking for an awesome tattoo design.

Brand of Sacrifice

While not exactly a character from the Berserk series, a brand of sacrifice tattoo is a popular design choice for Berserk fans. This tattoo idea would look great on anyone who is looking for something different and unique. This tattoo symbolizes power, darkness, and even death. It is perfect for people who are fans of Berserk or those who appreciate dark and runic designs.

Skull Knight

Skull Knight is a character from the manga and anime series, Berserk. He is a mysterious figure who appears at pivotal moments to help Guts.

Skull Knight’s appearance varies but he usually takes the form of a winged humanoid wielding a large sword and wearing black armor. The name is inspired by his skeletal head which has glowing yellow eyes. His face is covered in scars including one under his left eye which he received from Guts’ initial encounter with him years earlier when he saved him from an ambush by two mercenaries hired to kill him (one of whom was Gambino).

The Beast of Darkness Tattoo

The Beast of Darkness shows Guts’ rage and need for blood. The Beast of Darkness flees when Guts utilizes berserker armor. The armor grants Guts superpowers. When this occurs, the Beast converts Guts into an invincible beast. The Beast of Darkness shapes who Guts is and how he evolves during the story, making the Beast of Darkness a fantastic Berserk Tattoo Idea.


Puck, an elf descended from wind spirits, is very childish, and likes to play tricks on people. He befriends everyone he meets but doesn’t seem to understand the concept of danger. Puck eventually accompanies Guts when he leaves the peaceful Elfhelm, a shallow layer before the Great Roar of the Astral World. Puck and Guts eventually part ways and Puck gives Guts a seed which he says will grow into a tree that will one day bear fruit in the shape of Puck. Puck is shown to have great magical abilities. He can fly and create illusions. He can also transform his body into any shape he desires. Puck is also very knowledgeable about the world and its history.

Behelit / Beherit Tattoo

Behelit is a symbol of evil. It’s a way for people to make sacrifices and be beckoned by the God Hand, which will take them to their desired place in Heaven or Hell. Behelits are symbols of sacrifice and are usually seen with apostles or other characters who have made their own personal sacrifices.

The idea that Behelits represent has been around since Berserk started in 1989 and continues today. A Behilit tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among fans who want something more than just Guts’ facial scarring (which is another great and popular choice).

Incarnation Ceremony

The Incarnation Ritual is a powerful magical ritual that involves the sacrifice of a child. The child is transformed into a God Hand, an immensely powerful demon that serves as one of the keys to Griffith’s dream. This iconic scene could make a terrifying and unique tattoo.

Demon Child

The Demon Child is a recurring character in Berserk. He appears as an infant with horns and wings, said to be the reincarnation of Griffith’s demonic god-like status. This demonic appearance can be interpreted as symbolic of his nature, which is both pure evil and innocent at once. Often referred to as “the” demon child despite not being named directly until much later on in the series, he was born when Guts sliced open Casca’s womb during their fight against Femto. The child doesn’t appear again until volume 21, when he crawls out from under her dress after she completes her ritual suicide.

Who does the Demon Child belong to?

The demon child’s role in this story varies greatly depending on who owns it at any given time; sometimes it belongs to Guts himself; other times it belongs entirely or partially to Femto; still other times its possession changes completely from one moment to another without warning or explanation. The demon child has several different appearances throughout the series so far—his first form was that of a tiny infant covered in blood; his second was a creature composed entirely out of darkness (with only two tiny eyes visible); his third form looked exactly like an adult version of himself but smaller still than before—but all these forms are essentially identical: they’re all humanoid demons with white skin.

Apostle Transformation

You may have heard of the apostle transformation, but don’t know much about it. For the uninitiated, apostles are humans who have been turned into demons. The apostle transformation grants a person incredible power and strength beyond what they could possibly achieve on their own. They can only be killed by sunlight or fire—so if you’re planning on getting an apostle tattoo, make sure you don’t go outside during daylight hours! Thankfully, there’s another way to put an end to these baddies: The Dragon Slayer sword will kill any apostle in one hit (even though they’re supposed to be immortal).

Snake Sword

The Snake Sword is a demonic weapon that can cut through anything and everything. It’s the sword of choice for Guts and Casca, who use its power to slice through hordes of enemies with ease. The hilt of the sword features a snake head in place of some sort of guard; this isn’t just a cool aesthetic touch—the snake head doubles as an aperture that focuses the energy behind each swing into a concentrated point at its tip. This allows you to cut through objects like they’re made out of butter! The blade itself is serpentine in nature—it looks like it just came out of some deep chasm or cavernous lake or something similar, which would explain why it’s so sharp!


If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s badass, but also beautiful and meaningful, then look no further than the relationship between Guts and Griffith. The main protagonist of Berserk, Guts is a brave fighter who wields an enormous sword while fighting his way through countless challenges in order to stop the antagonist Griffith from achieving his goals.

Griffith is a complex character with many layers that are revealed over time as the story progresses. He starts out as an enemy of Guts (who wants nothing more than revenge) but eventually becomes one of his closest allies after they realize they have similar goals: both want peace in their lives after years spent fighting against other powerful forces like demons or armies led by ruthless leaders.


Stigma is a symbol of sacrifice and enlightenment. It appears on the back of the neck and is a mark that marks pain, suffering, rebirth, and understanding. Stigma is a mark that appears on one’s back or neck; it represents sacrifice and enlightenment. Stigma are made in order to endure pain as well as gain knowledge from it.

The process of receiving this tattoo is supposed to be painful so that when someone receives stigma they will have experienced what they learned through their own personal growth through hardship during their life time which allows them to understand how one can overcome adversity by making these sacrifices necessary for self-growth into adulthood (which means growing up).


The evil Slan is a member of the God Hand, though she’s not quite as muscly and intimidating as her male counterparts. In fact, she might be the most important character in Berserk—although if you haven’t read it, that sentence makes no sense. But if you have read it, then you know how important Slan is: she’s the first member of the God Hand Guts fights and kills.

Best Berserk Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration when deciding what to get tattooed on your body then look no further; I’ve compiled this list of awesome Berserk tattoo ideas that any fan would love! While there are plenty of other great tattoos from the Berserk series to choose from, we think that these are some of the best.

Guts Tattoo
Guts Berserk Tattoo
Dragon Slayer Sword Tattoo 1
Berserk Puck Tattoo
Beherit Tattoo
Behelit Skull Tattoo
Guts Manga Panel Tattoo
Skull Knight Tattoo
Berserk Mark Curse Rune Tattoo
Skull Knight Tattoo 1
Berserk Tattoo
Berserk Helmet Tattoo
Guts Helmet Berserk Tattoo 1
Guts Pose Tattoo 1
Griffith Berserk Tattoo 1
Guts Rain Manga Panel Tattoo 1
Red and Black Berserk Tattoo 1
Beast of Darkness Tattoo 2
Guts Eyepatch Tattoo 1
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